Sista Sista!

Sista Sista!

Award Winners

It came as a complete, but wonderful, surprise earlier in June when I received a telephone call from a member of the selection committee for The Glass Awards. They had called to break the news to me that I am to be honored as a recipient of a Women of Excellence Glass Award – a program that celebrates the achievements and accomplishments of women in their leadership positions, careers, businesses and communities. The committee member went on to explain the reasons why this great honor will be conferred on me. Needless to say, I was very humbled and grateful for this occasion.

A few weeks later on the morning of June 15, I was in the company of several women – who would be receiving the same honor – at a pre-Glass Award event photo shoot. These were my fellow-sisters who were also nominated for their success in their endeavors, vision, creativity, and passion in helping other women.

Excitement was in the air as we were welcomed by our gracious hosts to enjoy a beautiful private affair designed just for us. We were pampered, received royal treatment, as well as a lovely lunch. We were photographed, interviewed, and spent a wonderful morning in fellowship with other.

As I looked into the faces of my fellow-sisters, I saw ordinary women who were doing extra-ordinary things. I realized they were no different from me – a mother, wife, daughter, and sister. They were all intelligent, unique, beautiful, gracious, and aspiring to use their God-given gifts and talents in the spirit of excellence.

In a male-dominated world where only the most outstanding women receive the attention, I saw before me a glowing portrait of the ideal woman – my sisters who through their everyday tasks, professional careers, ministries, and families – demonstrate and live up to their God-given womanhood.

At the close of the event, I knew that I had developed spirit-to-spirit relationships with my Sisters that beautiful morning and I count it a joy to be honored along with them as a Women of Excellence!

You Flourish!