The Look of Possibilty

The Look of Possibilty

I’ve always been inspired by the life Helen Keller. Although blind, her story inspires me to always move forward in a positive direction. One thing from Helen’s life which stood out for me is she did not  allow her challenges to keep her from looking at the blessings and possibilities in her own life. It was early in her life that she became blind and deaf due to a childhood illness, however, she was able to transcend these challenges to earn a bachelors of  arts degree, and pen numerous other books and writings.


I have come to realize that for every challenge we face, there are a myriad of possibilities waiting to be released.

– D. Neil

What are you looking at?

Are you putting your focus on your immediate frustrations that have you doubting your future; or are you looking at the bigger picture that is ripe with possibility and hope. Have you ever considered that God may have a better plan for your life than the one you’ve come up with for yourself? Perhaps people who you’ve trusted left you disappointed; or has a sudden negative life change arose leaving you physically hurt, drained, or sad, and your very being cries out for a break from the pain of your heart.

Where do you go from here?

So where do we go from here?

Listen! Joseph found himself in a pit. Daniel faced down a lion in a den. David came face to face with a bear.  Jeremiah became so discouraged that he thought about giving up. Sarah laughed at the possibility of having a child in her old age. Esther took a risk in approaching the King. A viper latched on to the hand of Paul. These and many more dared to believe there was more purposed for their lives. They believed in the God of possibilities. They moved their eyes off their current circumstances to gaze on the faithfulness of God. He is the one that can restore hope in you to look at the possibilities in your life. When you believe you’ve reached the pinnacle of your patience, your failed attempts, your frustrations and impossibilities  — it is then He opens your eyes to your possibilities. Set your eyes on the possibilities, seeking the Master’s direction and watch his plan unfold.👛

Now it’s your turn!

Can you describe a time in your life when you had difficulty looking at the possibilities within a challenging situation?  How did you find hope? Share your comments. They may help someone. Subscribe to my blog now.

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