3 Strategies for Organizing Your Day!

3 Strategies for Organizing Your Day!

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Do you ever feel overwhelmed on any given day? You may be trying to run your business or you find your desk inbox is stacked high. Your mind is swirling around with thoughts of the hundred to do items that are on your plate, leaving you with no idea of where to begin. If this sounds familiar to you, then you are not alone.

This is definitely how I’ve felt on many occasions. There are days that I spend trying to juggle appointments for my business and ministry, responding to a long list of emails, fielding requests for ministry engagements, keeping up with social media to do’s, supporting clients and customers, and being present for my husband and family. It is easy to get overwhelmed at times when you look at the mountain of stuff to be completed.

For those of you who may be overwhelmed because of the daily pace of life, consider the following 3 strategies that will help you start off your day calm and collected, and keep you focused all day long:

1.     Give yourself the gift of time.

Take the time the night before to preplan and decide what you will wear the following day. It is also a good idea to pull together other items that you will need for the next day. You’ll be surprised at how a little bit of pre-planning can go a long way to relieve any morning stress.

2.     Start your day with Prayer.

I have found that taking time to pray each morning makes a huge difference in the outcome of my day, so I have made it a priority to spend time with God by taking time to pray about my life, family and those associated with me, as well as His agenda for my day. This time in prayer is the best time to give your worries to Him and allow His thoughts to fill your heart and mind – leaving you only with His peace.

3.     Guard your day.

It is also important that you guard your day from any negative distractions that try to steal your time and energy. Procrastination, people, even unscheduled phone calls, etc. – can steer you off course of your planned priorities. Try focusing on one thing will help you to make effective progress without getting distracted by people or other projects.

May we never be too busy to live out God’s will for our life!

You Flourish!


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