Donna Neil launches the YOU FLOURISH platform for Women and Girls!

Donna Neil launches the YOU FLOURISH platform for Women and Girls!


Donna Neil, inspirational speaker, teacher, mentor, entrepreneur, and founder of YOU FLOURISH – a ministry arm of Donna Neil Productions® which provides a platform to help aspiring women and girls discover their purpose, achieve their best life, and be mentored and equipped with understanding as to how to grow spiritually and personally in order to navigate through life’s seasons and challenges.

The YOU FLOURISH platform provides mentorship, teaching, and life-skills learning through specifically designed and tailored one-to-one and group mentorship programs, thematic/issue-based workshops on a wide array of topics, yearly “highlight” events, and key opportunities to connect/network and build healthy relationships with like-minded women of all ages who are ready to let go of the failures of their past and take hold of the talents, abilities, and divine glory that lies within sight of their future.

The inaugural YOU FLOURISH event was launched on June 22, 2013 and was an outstanding success! Over sixty women, including young women, were in attendance to hear an all female panel of the Sisters in the Chair session share their powerful stories of freedom from the circumstances of their past and their transformation into women who flourish. The Keynote Speaker of the day deposited a word of hope and impartation that challenged everyone present to “release those investments that God has put inside of you”. Participants were commanded to “PUSH – Press and Understand that something has already happened, because God has already done it!” And, “All we have to do is ask of Him! The heavens are opened now!”  So, “Whatever is revealed to you in the spirit will be restored to you today!” Go out and get your possessions!”

Participant comments by email, telephone, and social media include:

  “Wow! What a powerful word! What a powerful day!”

“Lady Donna! I still have the words of the speaker resounding in my ears.”

“Donna, thank you for taking the time to speak with me after the conference. I have been observing you over the years and you have been a great encouragement to me…it means a lot.”

“God is so amazing and I am learning so much about working outside my comfort zone.”

YOU FLOURISH gives voice to YOUR personal story of overcoming life’s obstacles and of navigating through the challenging seasons of life to become the woman you are destined to be – a woman who flourishes!

If you are interested in becoming a part of the YOU FLOURISH platform, or may be interested in our mentoring program, or believe you have a powerful personal story to share — you may contact Donna at

You Flourish!


Note: Please note that due to the many requests for sharing personal life stories at our events, we reserve the right to highlight those which flow in line with the conference/event theme and format.