Grab on to Love not Performance

Grab on to Love not Performance


At this time of the year, many are offering and receiving well deserved congratulatory wishes for their accomplishments or performance; whether it be for academic, career, life-stage transition, or elevation in a spiritual calling.

All such accomplishments are worthy of great applause for those who have pursued their goals and are now reaping their benefits. However, for everyone experiencing a certain level of success, there are just as many others who feel they have fell short of their goal. Hence, there is disappointment.

We all want to accomplish something great in life. And that’s good! However, we do so at the urging of others — family members, our employers — or to satisfy the wishes of someone else. In pleasing others we may put ourselves in a position where we find we are essentially “performing” on demand for others rather than living our authentic lives. The resulting experience is nothing more than a sense of loss when we fail to reach the set standard. A feeling of time wasted! Failure!

The truth is…  there is a better way of living out your success — living the way of love!

God’s word lets us know that we are His tapestry. Your perceived failure does not surprise Him! Your current situation does not worry Him! And your future is not a mystery to Him! Yayyy God!!

The bottom line is YOU DON’T have to perform for Him! A WOW moment here please!

You must realize there is “no greater love than this”! God sent his son to live and die to redeem us from sin. No strings attached! Period!

He does not love us primarily for what we accomplish or our earthly success, or for what we do. Rather, He showed his love to us that we may go beyond our personal space and boldly spread the same love to others! No performance required here!

Ultimately, genuine success is in knowing:

  • God loved us first
  • We must boldly declare this truth
  • There is no greater love than God’s love, and
  • It is our number 1 priority to share this same love to others.

So, still thinking you’re a second-class failure? Grab on to love NOT performance!

For I know the thoughts that I think toward you says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a hope and a future. – Jeremiah 29:11 

You are a part of His eternal purposes.

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You Flourish!


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